Mastermind Creations KM03 Cyclops and Terminus Hexatron Videos

Mastermind Creations has posted two videos to their Youtube account. The first is a 3D render of Knight Morpher 03 Cyclops and shows the transformation for the soon to be released figure. The second is of the project following Cyclops, Terminus Hexatron. Terminus Hexatron is based on G1 Sixshot and while the video doesn’t show us the transformation, it does show all six of the figures modes in turn around.

Check out both videos embedded below.

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  1. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    So apparently this animation of the Knight Morpher Cyclops was put up almost 5 days ago... Don't think I've seen this up just yet here so... check it out.

    Edit... turns out the KM Cyclops animation was put up in another thread not too long ago..

    Originally Posted by daytimeninja View Post
    Knight_Morpher_KM03_Cyclops.mp4 - YouTube

    Everyone needs to watch this right now.
    ...gotta admit... this is crazy good!

    Here's the video for all modes of Terminus HExatron too!

    Terminus Hexatron 360 - YouTube

  2. igniz1984's Avatar igniz1984 says

    Can't wait for hexetron to be released. He is probably the figure I am most looking forward to this year. Any news on a release date yet?

  3. Gundamben831's Avatar Gundamben831 says

    ok I have to admit I never liked the original sixshot but this makes him look freaking amazing I hope this turns out well.

  4. Cadbane's Avatar Cadbane says

    They had posted this long time ago on their blog.
    But the vid of Cyclops rocks!

  5. Zeitgeist's Avatar Zeitgeist says

    love this. sixshot is awesome.

    im not aware of the size of this guy. do we know how tall he is or do we have any scale pics around? is it MP size? ultra?

    im guessing its bigger than a voyager... anyone know for sure?

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