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In a bit of news overlooked during Botcon, the Facebook page of Dr. Wu has updated with a few new items. First off, a new accessory for your Transformers Prime toys. A chunk of “Dark Force” aka “Dark Energon. Perfect for those who wish to impale their recently deceased Cliffjumpers and bring them back to life as an insane zombie Transformer!

Speaking of which, Dr Wu has updated with a sticker accessory to go with their previously announced DW-PT02 Martyr set. This set will convert your Deluxe Robots In Disguise Cliffjumper into his more terrifying, undead self. You can check out the images for Martyr in this thread.

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  1. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by masishadow View Post
    If it's cheap, I mean super cheap, I'll be all for it.
    Oh yes, if it'll be only that in the box, should be a very lil piece of plastic so, well.... one/two dollars should be a right price

  2. robowarrior's Avatar robowarrior says

    the only way to get that over a dollar if it has some type of LED glow effect in it with an on/off switch. Then it might be worth the over the dollar mark.

  3. optics's Avatar optics says

    They should just make like a clump(?) of these and have several of these dark energon shards be removable. If the shard is transparent, then have an LED inside the clump so it lights the whole set up.

  4. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    It's not that they make this stuff it's that it cost more to post the damn things than it does to buy it in the first place.

    If only someone would sell them in product clusters it wouldn't be so bad then.

  5. Kevin XI's Avatar Kevin XI says

    If I wanted something like that, I'd save a buck and get some grape pop rocks.

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