Dr Wu DW-PT-03 Prime Guns


Singapore Transformers Fan Group Planet Iacon has posted a new image of an upcoming project by Fan Group Dr Wu. The new project is a pair of show accurate guns for Transformers Prime (First Edition or Mainline) Optimus Prime. Design wise, these are outright copies of the gun that came with the First Edition, right down to the hole under the barrel for mounting the First Edition’s sword. The difference is these are painted in silver rather than black with metallic flake, and have some blue accents.

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  1. mechfiend's Avatar mechfiend says

    interested! want to see what they look like on the RID bot itself!

  2. anubis20's Avatar anubis20 says

    Dr Wu comes out with all this crap that i wanna buy and cant find at major retailers. I had to get the invulnerable face off ebay.

  3. Transformed's Avatar Transformed says

    Not bad. Are these the final version? Might need to add some paint once in hand, as Optimus' blaster is all the same color. Still, very nice. Oh! How much?


    When's mask-less Optimus coming? I thought I heard that was next.

  4. Optimist_Prime's Avatar Optimist_Prime says

    If they will also fit in PRiD Optimus's hands I'll buy the shit out of these.

  5. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    Nice. Needs twin sword blades and an unmasked face to complete this set!

  6. Kuma Style's Avatar Kuma Style says

    1.) FE version or bust... seriously.

    2.) I'm hoping this comes with the maskless face too.

    3.) When's the Wheeljack maskless face coming?

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