twt01-1 has uploaded new photos of what appear to be a 3rd party take on the G1 Throttlebot Rollbar. From the comparison shot, we can see he is the size of a large Scout or small Deluxe class figure. The silhouette shot indicates that there are more figures planned. Price and release date are TBD.

Staff Note: This is an unofficial product not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara/Tomy.

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  1. OMEGAPRIME1983's Avatar OMEGAPRIME1983 says

    That looks interesting. Looks like they are intending to make the others too.

  2. TFtoycollector's Avatar TFtoycollector says

    Originally Posted by OMEGAPRIME1983 View Post
    That looks interesting. Looks like they are intending to make the others too.
    Hope so. I want a Goldbug thats not a Classics Bumblebee mold.

  3. Roger Semerad has no avatar! Roger Semerad says

    Really like the look of this guy. Verry clean and un-kibbled robot and alt modes. If this is from the Hegemon people, and thier qc is good, we may have yet another top quality 3rd party company.

  4. Satomiblood's Avatar Satomiblood says

    Almost looks like it could be re-purposed into a Brawn as well.

  5. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    That's got my attention. Very cool looking, I'll be keeping an eye on these.

  6. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    If that picture at the bottom is silhouettes of other Throttlebot cars, then they don't have a Wideload, but they do have a Goldbug, as there are four cars... Chase, Freeway, Searchlight and Goldbug. Then again the silhouettes might not be toy accurate.

  7. sh002 has no avatar! sh002 says

    wow will probably get these. so they'll be like deluxe size? bonus if they have pull back action.

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