BotCon 2012 Hasbro New Display Cases & Panel Images


New images of the Hasbro Display Cases and info from the Transformers Panel is rolling in. Check out Images of MasterPiece Optimus Prime US release and Voyager Soundwave, Insecticons and much much more.

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  1. Shin-Gouki's Avatar Shin-Gouki says

    Epic Win on the MP-10 (Provided I can get one before the Scalpers as it's a TRU Exclusive)

    I NEVER saw Grimlock and only saw Roddi Once!

  2. BlueAngel_Bolt's Avatar BlueAngel_Bolt says

    Glad I held off on buying the Takara one now. This is fantastic.

  3. Brainchild's Avatar Brainchild says

    I'm really hoping that trailer doesn't add too much to the price. I want the figure, but that trailer is pretty useless to me.

  4. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    I love Prime's pose, so cheesy.

    Does this version come with an Energon axe?

  5. Jacer's Avatar Jacer says

    That is such beautiful packaging. The only difference I see is a blue Rollor.

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