BOTCON 2012 Hasbro Display Case Kre-O and Bot Shots


The second round of images is up from the BotCon coverage team! These images include Transformers Kre-O and Transformrs Bot Shots.

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  1. Soundwinder's Avatar Soundwinder says

    Where's the Kre-Os?

    Disappointing... only showing up through wave 2.

    I'm still on the fence about Thundercracker. Probably getting Mirage, though. But I want to see more of Thundercracker to figure out what the plastic color is.

    EDIT: Oh, looks like they were still updating. Still, only pictures of Wheeljack... I'd imagine that in a few more minutes there will be more.

  2. transformerwars's Avatar transformerwars says

    Yeah, I'm getting a weird feeling that this thread was mis-titled. That, or the Kre-O pictures just aren't showing up for what ever reason.

  3. Nope's Avatar Nope says

    Originally Posted by Soundwinder View Post
    Where's the Kre-Os?
    Should be up soon. The other BotCon thread (i.e. with Prime/Generations stuff) kept updating the pics, so the Kre-Os should be up probably be up momentarily.

  4. Sideswipe1954's Avatar Sideswipe1954 says

    There are a few Kre-O pics at the end. It is mainly Kre-O TF Prime Wheeljack.

    I like that Cody finally is being made into the Rescue Bots line

  5. Optym's Avatar Optym says

    Kre-o Wheeljack looks like an instant buy! And the pics of Devastator have my wallet itching

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