Transformers Kre-O Asian Region Promo

Hong Kong Toys ‘R’ Us has uploaded to their You Tube channel, a Promo of Transformers Kre-O for the Asian Region. The commercial is rather brutal and less child-friendly than the usual Kre-O advertisements we see and is produced by a 3rd Party Advertiser.

Check it out below:

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  1. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    counter656 - YouTube has many more stop motions by the same guy that created this ad. Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and quite a few Gundam Stop Motions. All good stuff.

    Regarding this commercial... wow... cool... but you'd think Japan would be the one making the wacky commercials, and US making the more violent ones... >_>

  2. Warpshard's Avatar Warpshard says

    I'm getting sick of the "This is safe for a baby" thing! At least this displays them as something for "Competent 8-year old to Competent 80-year old"

  3. Flymegatron21's Avatar Flymegatron21 says

    and then sentinel prime betrays them :3
    Mini-Prime looks adorable

  4. Onslaught Phase 2's Avatar Onslaught Phase 2 says

    love all the gundam/robot hack and slashing sound effects! even the birdy/dizzy sound effect was definitely from a capcom/street fighter game. Pretty bad ass

  5. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    Sounded like I was watching a Dragon Ball Z episode.


  6. AnAutobot1985's Avatar AnAutobot1985 says

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. As for the advertising kind of does make me want to invest in some Kreo TF toys.

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