Figure King 171 Scan – Transformers Prime Arms Micron Gashapon Figures


Cybergundam has shared a scan from Figure King 171. This scan shows several upcoming Japan only releases, including Million Publishing’s Artfire and some information on Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor / Sideswipe.

The main focus here though is with the Transformers Prime Arms Micron Gashapon figures. Seen here in full color are the Optimus Prime Blaster and Bumblebee Sword Arms Microns, which resemble and are colored like their namesakes. Also shown are two versions each of Gob (cobra) and Zad (lizard), they seem to be coming in black and purple versions. No idea if that means one is meant to be rarer than the other though!

Check out the scan by clicking on the image thumbnail attached to this story.

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  1. SouthtownKid's Avatar SouthtownKid says

    Just a head's up: your image doesn't show up.

    And when I try to just copy/paste the link, it takes me to a forbidden message.

  2. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    I see it... anyway I'll fix it in a second

    it should be fixed now

  3. OMEGAPRIME1983's Avatar OMEGAPRIME1983 says

    It's something, and I'm glad they are starting to promote MP Sidewipe.

  4. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by blitz. View Post
    pink arms minicons? Ummmm ok sure
    lol :d

  5. Shadowbreaker has no avatar! Shadowbreaker says

    I almost forgot about the OP & BB Microns. Glad to see them in color.

  6. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Looking at that Sideswipe, it seems very plausible to me that he could have a Sunstreaker mold as well.

  7. ssjkazer's Avatar ssjkazer says

    im hopeing for 2 optimus 2 bb 2 black of each 1 pink of each in my pack of ten

  8. brianfett has no avatar! brianfett says

    Is there a sseller in the U.S. that will be selling the gashapon microns?

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