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Matt Moylan has updated his website, Lil Formers, with more entries into his “Dreamslaves” section. As previously updated, these entries delve into the behind the scenes of the failed Dreamwave comics publisher, as told through Matt when he was Post-production manager. The most recent of these articles contains five pages of the unreleased War Within: The Age of Wrath #4! With art by Joe Ng and Marcelo Matere, get a glimpse of what you may have only read about in the scripts sold by Simon Furman at conventions.

Additionally, Matt has a few more updates for Dreamslaves. Read on to learn about Ratchet’s red crosses, Stat work and stealing from Devil’s Due!

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  1. MattMoylan's Avatar MattMoylan says

    Hey guys,
    Thought you might like this one. Joe Ng gave me some unpublished War Within comic pages to post in the latest Dreamslaves:

    DREAMSLAVES #6: Secrets of the Age of Wrath

    And some other recent TF posts if you missed them:

    DREAMSLAVES #5: I need artwork, stat!
    About reused artwork.

    DREAMSLAVES #4: Red Crosses
    About why Ratchets shoulders change mid-series.

    DREAMSLAVES #3: Stealing from the Devil
    About trying to steal GIJoe from Devil's Due.

    Hope you guys are enjoying these

  2. AngryChad's Avatar AngryChad says

    Great timing. I'm just about done reading War Within for the first time. Thanks!

  3. Sideswipe1954's Avatar Sideswipe1954 says

    Wasn't Grimlock "dead" by issue #3, sacrificing himself for the peace process before Megatron arrived?

  4. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Dreamwave's War Within stuff is some of my all time favorite TF art, design & story canon, so seeing these finished (yet unreleased) pieces is salt in a wound that has never healed

    LOVING the Dreamslaves stuff btw. The Ratchet design & GI Joe stories in particular were fascinating to read.

  5. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Originally Posted by 03Mach1 View Post
    Dreamwave-era art is and will always be my favorite.
    Yup, 100%. Still can't believe hardly any of that style managed to find its way over to IDW save for a few one-off issues here & there.

  6. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Originally Posted by Sideswipe1954 View Post
    Wasn't Grimlock "dead" by issue #3, sacrificing himself for the peace process before Megatron arrived?
    If memory serves off the top of my head, from Furman's synopsis of what he had planned, Grimlock comes back via one of the Seeker clones. Can't recall the details but that's why he has wing kibble.

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