Robot Kingdom Update-Transformers Prime First Edition Voyager Bulkhead Restock


We recieved an update from site sponsor RoboKingdom late last night, Transformers Prime First Edition Voyager Bulkhead is being restocked! This is exciting news for fans who missed out on this amazing piece. Preorders are available and only a limited stock remains, orders are first come, first served.
This is the Hasbro version, not the TakaraTomy version.

Don’t hesistate! Get your First Edition Bulkhead HERE!

STAFF UPDATE: Bulkhead is SOLD OUT! Congratulations to those of you who secured one!

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Holy shit. Everyone who doesn't have one now should jump on this immediately. The PRiD version is utter crap in comparison. And it's the Hasbro version too it looks like, which has more accurate colors than the Takara one.

  2. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says


    I haven't been happy at all with the dark green takara version I got, so I had to jump on this. HAD TO.

    I know the takara version has it's fans, so I should have no trouble selling it.

    67 left.

  3. shamanking282 has no avatar! shamanking282 says

    Ordered. Now I'll be hoping for a magical restock of FE Vehicons and/or Optimus.

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