New Decos for United EX Master Series Revealed


Following up on the story we just reported, has revealed to us the new color schemes the Transformers United EX Master Series will have. See on the site are:

Hopefully more United EX Master figures are planned as fans of the line love making new combinations of awesome.

Check out the new pics by clicking the title bar and then head over to the 2005 Boards to discuss.

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  1. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    Originally Posted by Gaokaiser View Post
    "Masters" with new colors!!
    Ooh, Bombshock looks GREAT. I hope they fixed the connection problems with his legs.

  2. Gaokaiser's Avatar Gaokaiser says

    Originally Posted by Rodimus89 View Post
    And I just canceled my pre-orders!!!

  3. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    Originally Posted by Gaokaiser View Post
    "Masters" with new colors!!
    Well that's better.

    Looks like they went for unifying color schemes for the drone teams.

    The results for Combatmaster/Bombshock look pretty boring. Pass

    I kinda like Jetmaster's colors though. Blue and white is pretty. (So close to the Jetfire colors I wanted to see, but just missing. Ah well.)

    Can't really imagine what they were thinking for the Icepick repaint. Weird busy clashy colors. But they look good on the alt. Form.

    Searchlight/Choppermaster looks interesting. Going seafoam for a rescue copter makes sense, and works but isn't quite different enough to really interest me.

    -ZacWilliam, I'd buy the Skyburst set at US prices, but not at what it would cost to import...

  4. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Drones look better with unified colorschemes, but the commanders themselves definitely look boring.

  5. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    These are the ones with "Prime" in their name, right?

    Oh Takara, you and your repeated half-assed attempts to turn everything into a G1 tie in.

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