Transformers The Ride Advertising at The Staples Center


The LA Times is reporting a new advertising campaign for Transformers the Ride at the Staples Center;

What looks like a giant, smoldering gap in the side of Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles is not the result of the latest disaster to befall the City of Angels.

Instead, it is the latest over-the-top campaign stunt for a new attraction set to open May 25 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

A giant laminate stuck to the side of the sports venue makes it look as if an 80-foot tall, 20-ton metal alien creature from the movie “Transformers” busted a hole through the building. The laminate will remain on Staples Center until Tuesday.

The stunt is meant to bring attention the opening of Transformers: The Ride 3D, an attraction that features the “autobot” and evil “decepticon” characters from director Michael Bay’s “Transformers” movies.

It’s a thrill ride that carries guests along a track and envelops them in the world of Transformers using special effects and high-definition 3-D technology.

Two years ago, Universal Studios Hollywood launched a similar stunt to promote the opening of the park’s new King Kong 360 3-D attraction. Back then, the park used giant footprints to make it seem as though the giant ape had stomped through Dodger Stadium

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  1. MTME's Avatar MTME says

    Dang it i just woke up to my news station playing this and immediately grabbed my cell phone! You beat me to it i conceded

  2. WWELORD's Avatar WWELORD says

    megatron must have found out both of L.As teams are going to the playoffs

  3. MetalicGrunt's Avatar MetalicGrunt says

    No Megs was just stopping by to watch the Kings destroy the Canucks

  4. mrclean08's Avatar mrclean08 says

    I just got an annual pass to Universal Studios a couple months ago. Perfect timing for the arrival of this ride. Will be going to the premiere of the ride!

  5. Crumplezone's Avatar Crumplezone says

    How does one break through a wall sanding still?

    Cool, nevertheless.

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