Million Hero Publishing Generations 2012 preview


Million Publishing, the company that will be bringing us the exclusive Artfire later this, or early next year, has updated their website with images from the Generations 2012 book.

In addition to page previews, a shirt featuring Artfire and his preceding exclusive Targetmaster buddy Stepper will be available.

The book is usually required to purchase the exclusive figure, but for those of us overseas, there are other means. Visit our sponsors to check for availability.

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  1. Hotspot17's Avatar Hotspot17 says

    The paint joint is sort of lacking but will still pick him up.

  2. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    Fucking gorgeous. The mold is fantastic. Keeping my preorder as of RIGHT NOW.

  3. Optimal Primus's Avatar Optimal Primus says

    That actually looks pretty good. Just might have to pick it up.

  4. Counterpunch?'s Avatar Counterpunch? says

    Originally Posted by Sepultron View Post
    That is awesome.

    But why the hook?
    To hold the Targetmasters in vehicle mode.

  5. Hooper_X's Avatar Hooper_X says

    Don't worry, I'm 99% sure someone will work up a cherry picker for the mold on Shapeways. (Which I will then buy for Grappel, because a work truck of that size looks ridiculous with a crane arm on it.)

  6. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    Wow, TWO Targetmasters? That's a nice surprise I wasn't expecting.

    Artfire himself looks great. I'm glad I have a preorder in already. Can't wait for this thing to arrive.

    Originally Posted by General Tekno View Post
    Cool. So who do I talk to to get one from Japan direct?
    At least Bodhar....beyond him, I guess check Junkion or post in one of the threads around here and see which other Japanese members are willing to be the middleman for overseas members for this one.

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