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Images of a new 3rd party set from Dr. Wu have surfaced on ACToys. This time, it’s color images of their DW-P06 Partners set. This set, which looks like it will be a two pack, comes with two yellow hard hat workers intended to be in scale with Masterpiece 10 Convoy. These two figures look an awful lot like Generation 1 Spike and Sparkplug. Hopefully a Chip Chase is on the way!

Check out the images after the break.

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    When I saw the title I thought it would be some add-on for Prime Arcee haha.

  2. wingsaber86's Avatar wingsaber86 says

    Btw, the only innovation I se here is the helmet, nothing more.. :\

  3. brr-icy's Avatar brr-icy says

    hmm, this is highly dependent on price, but it's the first dr wu product i'm interested in

  4. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    Originally Posted by Wyvern View Post
    I want a Chip Chase..
    Break the legs on the Spike fig and paint some glasses on him.

  5. deaculpa's Avatar deaculpa says

    Originally Posted by Obsidian X View Post
    Break the legs on the Spike fig and paint some glasses on him.
    Haha. You wrong.

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