Transformers Autocracy #7 Preview


IDW Publishing’s first twelve issue digital-only comic continues tomorrow and has updated their website with a four page preview of the next issue. This story takes place before Orion Pax becomes the heroic leader we all love and know as Optimus Prime.

Be sure to check out the preview, download the issue tomorrow and then come back to our Transformers Comics Forum to discuss the issue.

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  1. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says

    Love these tidbits...I have the TPB on preorder for weeks now...can't wait.

  2. MrBlud's Avatar MrBlud says

    So Optimus charged Blurr with stopping the assassination of Zeta Prime...why? :/

  3. Dark_T_Zeratul's Avatar Dark_T_Zeratul says

    I'm guessing he hadn't yet realized what an asshole Zeta Prime is.

  4. Pale Horse has no avatar! Pale Horse says

    Essentially, Autocracy retcons/adjusts a lot of origin/history points from SL Blurr, AHM coda, Ongoing #19 and 22 and 23...

    But it's fine since Autocracy is actually an improvement over what was put down before.

    I've seen some real intellectual acrobatics to account for Starscream being a delegate in Autocracy AFTER he would have been running down the street in public in SL Blur to assassinate Zeta, or the fact that none of the meetings between Megatron and Prime which have occurred so far in Autocracy gel with the statement in Chaos Theory that their first encounter after Megatron went revolutionary and created the Decepticons was in battle at Sherma Bridge.

    There's also the matter of Ironhide being an officer under Orion Pax, when the AHM coda clearly intended to portray their first meeting taking place after Orion became a Prime with Ironhide doubting he was up to the job.

    Hotrod's only origin reference to date(ongoing #19) is now irrelevant, since he mentioned being a young buck in the autobot "academy" at some point, whereas here he is an insurgent who teaches Orion the heritage of the Tfs race before the Autobot/Con war ever began, and Soundwave must have forgotten that he still had the tank/vehicle mode from Megatron Origin in the Ironhide mini, which takes place some time after Autocracy, since issue 3 portrays him as a teeny recording device.


    Still, the retcons were worth a story like this. It's the one I've been waiting for for years and it's light years beyond previous attempts at ironing out the beginning of the war. The political debate here is intelligent and very, very relevant. And most of the changes I mentioned above are improvements over the things they alter. The Decepticons in particular haven't been portrayed this well in eons.

  5. Pale Horse has no avatar! Pale Horse says

    Originally Posted by Dark_T_Zeratul View Post
    I'm guessing he hadn't yet realized what an asshole Zeta Prime is.
    That too,lol.

  6. YoungPrime's Avatar YoungPrime says

    Originally Posted by AutoCon2076 View Post
    I should probably get my ass to a comic store..

    Autocracy is actually only a digital comic so you don't have to leave your bedroom. Just order it from

    They're only $0.99 per issue.

  7. Takeout's Avatar Takeout says

    I really, really wish IDW would get Ramondelli off art already. His drawing is awful. Half the time the characters seem to be made up of cubes, the other half you can barely make out who they are.

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