Arise, Ginza Prime!


The sixth of the Japanese neighborhood Primes, Ginza Prime, has been revealed. For those who missed our previous coverage, the Primes of Japan are a set of six characters based on existing Autobots and traits of the local neighborhoods who they are assigned to, as a part of the Cybertron Satellite promotion. Ginza Prime here is based on the Movie Optimus Prime, his silver coloration based on Ginza’s historic silver-coin minting, from which the area of Ginza takes its name.

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  1. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Originally Posted by Hot Shot. View Post
    So...based on (voyager?) movie Optimus?
    by the looks of it Leo Convoy/ lion face and movie 2 Cyberverse Prime

  2. froggy124's Avatar froggy124 says

    Ginza is a district in Tokyo, these are the Primes that are representing districts around Japan to promote the new AM line and transformers in general.

    You can find pictures of these primes in designated electronics stores that sell TF on a giant matrix with a screen in the middle that shows a video of the history of transformers in Japan.

    If you can remember what the G1 matrix looks like, the holes where optimus or rodimus puts there fingers in to open the matrix are pictures of that particular district's prime and pictures of the evolution of Optimus Prime from G1 to TFP.

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