Botcon 2012 Guest: Buster Jones


Botcon has updated their website with the next announced guest for this years conventions. Buster Jones, voice of Generation 1 Blaster, will be in attendance this year! Buster has also done work on G.I.Joe, Ghostbusters and Challenge Of The Super Friends.

Botcon 2012 will be held later this month in Dallas, Texas from the 26th-29th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

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  1. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    I ain't going this year, but kewl. Always nice to see someone new to the TF convention scene.

  2. Transformed's Avatar Transformed says

    I wish I were back home now, I would have made the effort to go for sure.

  3. Smasher's Avatar Smasher says

    Glad to hear some good news about Botcon!

    I look forward to asking Buster if he has lightning in his pants.

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