The Primes of Japan


To go with the new “Cybertron Satellite” campaign running in Japan, there are a number of special Primes who have been created to act as mascots for certain towns and neighborhoods. They are all based on existing Transformers characters, with some shoutouts to the neighborhood who they are a mascot for. They are:

Akiba Prime, based on Transformers Prime Arcee by way of Sailor Moon for Akihabara’s otaku culture.
Kawasaki Prime, based on Generation 1 Jazz with a water motif for the local Tama River.
Nagoya Prime, based on Movie Ironhide and featuring shoulder designs based on the golden dolphins of Nagoya Castle.
Tachikawa Prime, based on Revenge of the Fallen Legends Springer, with a military style inspired by the Tachikawa Airfield.
Umeda Prime, based on Movie Ratchet, with tiger stripes and a tail in connection with the Hanshin Tigers.

There is also a Ginza Prime, who has yet to be seen.

Snakas also has some pictures up of the in-store display for the Cybertron Satellite.

Special thanks to the TFWiki for information on the local inspirations behind each of the designs.

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  1. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    Guessing they're upcoming Japanese store exclusives.

    ... or April fools' jokes.

    .... either's good.

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