Robots In Disguise Vehicon Images with First Edition Comparison Pictures


Hong Kong Transformers Fans Group on Facebook have uploaded a gallery of the upcoming Transformers Prime Wave 3 Robots In Disguise Deluxe Vehicon figure. You can see the figure in both modes, in the package and comparison pics with the First Edition figure and Takara Transformers Prime Skywarp.

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  1. Satanatron's Avatar Satanatron says

    I do not know if someone already report this but Fan Club (HKGTF) on facebook posted lots of pictures and comparison pic with the 1st edition.

    Here is the link
    Transformers Prime(RID) Deluxe Class Vehicon | Facebook

    I posted this on the wrong board originally so I moved it.

  2. Satanatron's Avatar Satanatron says

    It loos great. Other that the shiny color it looks better IMHO.

  3. The Dark Seeker has no avatar! The Dark Seeker says

    Originally Posted by Sideways77 View Post
    That thing literally has no kibble.

    Where is its kibble?! what I like about it. But in terms of paint apps....I'm liking the ones on the FE better.

  4. Bumblebee3's Avatar Bumblebee3 says

    FE Wins in my Book.....

    With me its the quality of the plastic see I have had the FE for a while and compared to the RID Prime figures he is stronger and the detail is awesome just my personal preference ohh dont get me wrong the RID Vehicon will be bought on sight as troops but the leader will always be the FE Vehicon

  5. Kupp's Avatar Kupp says

    I love the happiness is a warm in reference in the Bio. I need at least 4 of them now.

    Edit: double reference perhaps with Megatron's G1 mode being a gun.

  6. Sinnertwin has no avatar! Sinnertwin says

    Oh god it's so beautiful, it's like it was designed by wizards

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