Headrobots Courageous Megatoyfan Exclusive In-hand pictures & preorder now up


2005 Boards staff member Megamus dropped us a line to let us know that the Megatoyfan & Headrobots exclusive, Courageous, is now up for preorder at Megatoyfan and due to be released in about a week! Courageous is a Brave Maximus version of the Headrobots Centurion, limited to 200 pieces. Megamus has also sent a few new in hand pictures our way showing off the finished versions of the two heads! Read on and check them out, and click here to view the preorder page.

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  1. megamus's Avatar megamus says

    Orders are now being taken at 2012 MegaToyFan Excluisve, we are currently awaiting the backers but expect them to be in within a week. Orders will be sent the following week. Included in the set are both the anime and the g1 rendition heads as well as a sword. The set comes in a clam blister pack with backer. Complete your Brave Max today!!!

  2. ShadowStitch's Avatar ShadowStitch says

    The sculpt looks great, but the red plastic used on the Headrobot looks cheap and translucent, not to mention it doesn't even match the red on the figure it's connected to. And they want 70$ for this??
    I guess Fortmax-mold collectors are rolling in money if they'll pay that much for an optional upgrade.

  3. bradforj's Avatar bradforj says

    If anyone wants just the red-faced head for $45, shoot me a PM. I'm thinking it is the more desirable of the two, I just prefer the other one.

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