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Kaiyado has updated their website with some official photography for their upcoming Revoltech Movie Bumblebee. This awesome non-transforming figure is shown here in detail, illustrating all of his various features, including fold out shoulder mounted missile launchers, an interchangeable gun arm, alternate battlemasked head and two sets of hands – one set closed fists, and the others open. Of course as with all Kaiyado’s various Revoltech releases Bumblebee will be able to strike a lot of cool poses.

Check out all the images at the link above!

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  1. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Just saw these on /toy/, posted by TK-1987. Looks like it's the same pictures as the magazine scan, but in a higher quality.

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-img038_zoom03.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-1332924128294.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-1332924164782.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-1332924200079.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-1332924246190.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-img038_zoom06.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-img038_zoom07.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-img038_zoom08.jpg

    Hi-res Revoltech Bumblebee pics-img038_zoom09.jpg

    EDIT: Updated with more pics.

  2. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Oh cool, was wondering where that poster got the images from! And those pictures look amazing!

  3. ShOcKwAvE1213's Avatar ShOcKwAvE1213 says

    *wipes drool from face* That's Amazing!!!

    I have to get it, does anyone know how much it is?

  4. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Fucking incredible. Those "collar" pieces look a titch fragile and the arm guards look a bit too round, but otherwise it's like a spot on reproduction of his CGI. I'm surprised considering obvious, if minor, liberties were taken with Optimus.

  5. Zhadow's Avatar Zhadow says

    I used to not liking Bumblebee figures, but this one is highly detailed, so i'm only gonna get that out of all kind of Bees there is.

  6. Timothy.R's Avatar Timothy.R says

    i'll definitely be getting this. he looks far better than the DMK bumblebee.. and should fit in a lot better with DMK prime.

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