In-hand photos of MP-11 Masterpiece Coronation Starscream


TFW2005 sponsor Robotkingdom has updated their Facebook page with new, in-hand photos of the upcoming MP-11, Masterpiece Coronation Starscream.

This version of Starscream is a remold of the original MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream and features a G1 accurate deco. As the name implies, this version also includes accessories featured during the infamous coronation scene in the 1986 animated Transformers movie: a pair of purple pauldrons, articulated cape and a gold chromed crown. A small, transparent blue pilot is also included to stash in his cockpit.

Robotkingdom’s MP-11 stock also includes a commemorative coin, as has been the case with previous Masterpiece figures.

Check out the photos after the jump, and then head over to the boards to talk it out!

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  1. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    i think i might end up trying to get one at botcon, depends on how much dealer room cash i got

  2. NLWprime's Avatar NLWprime says

    i wanna see the pics of the toy because id like this to be my first international buy.

  3. woland has no avatar! woland says

    According to Shogo Hasui, the upcoming wave of masterpieces will be in scale with each other... instead of reusing 90% of the old mold if would have been nice if they would made it bigger, so Spike (from Convoy 2.0) can seats in the cockpit...

  4. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Originally Posted by Obakemono View Post
    Looks like they left out the display stand. Shame.
    I don't believe they ever indicated otherwise.

    Aside from which, this version has heels.

  5. Cal's Avatar Cal says

    Originally Posted by David Hingtgen View Post
    Would be better with a blue nosecone.
    ... which he never had in the cartoon, you know.

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