MGS-03 New Classics Hound Upgrade Kit


News from ACtoys this evening, where a new Universe Hound upgrade kit has been shown. This kit comes to us from 3rd Party Group MGS. The upgrade kit includes customizable weapons such as rockets and pistols which can be configured in several different ways on Hound in robot and vehicle mode. He also comes with six gas tanks that can clip on to the figure. I guess Hound is not very fuel efficient! Also, in the photos is the upgrade kit used on Botcon 2010 figure Turbomaster. It’s unknown at this time if a seperate kit is being developed for the Botcon Exclusive or if these pictures are just showing off the compatibility.

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  1. tq04q5k has no avatar! tq04q5k says

    Third party group MGS have posted a new image to ACTOYS
    MGS-03 The kit for classic Hound. I think that the rifle is very good!
    For more information to the URL:MGS

  2. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    I like that the pistols can combine into a toy-accurate rifle, nice feature.

    What's up with the hell of gas cans, though?

  3. jason jupiter's Avatar jason jupiter says

    nice! ill buy it for sure. great work MGS! is that the final color? no chrome?

  4. Houndvoice's Avatar Houndvoice says

    Looks great! Now make a chromed version for the henkei version!


    I like it. Maybe it'll still be available when I get a Hound figure.

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