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We have received a message from Matt Moylan (of Lil Formers fame) with the announcement that he has remade his website into something that is more of a blog with Moylan talking about his experiences in the comics industry.

Of particular note as of this news story are Moylan’s accounts of how a mistake by Pat Lee added Red Alert to the comics, and stories regarding Pat Lee’s infamous use of ghost artists. Moylan has also informed us that there will be stories to come on his blog, and we here at TFW2005 will keep you posted.

Do you want to meet Matt Moylan in person? Want to ask him about more stories about the artist occasionally known as Michiyamenotehi Funana? Good news for you, as Matt Moylan will also be on hand at the Canadian 80s Toy Expo April 1st at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel, where he will be offering an exclusive print.

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  1. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Originally Posted by FanimusMaximus View Post
    And so Matt Moylan returns.

  2. Aernaroth's Avatar Aernaroth says

    Good for Moylan. He's been really busy with other projects for the past little while, and its good to see him come back and make time for lilformers.

  3. jackgaughan's Avatar jackgaughan says

    Can he still call it "Lilformers"? Since the 100th issue he's been doing nothing but other franchises (I had no problem with it). And the fact it's been more than a year, How long does it take him to do a quick comic anyway isn't that how it all started anyway?

  4. Jacer's Avatar Jacer says

    I love his comics! I hope we get some new Transformers comics soon!

  5. Deonasis's Avatar Deonasis says

    Cool. Working in a place like Dreamweave is interesting to me. I am sure he has good stories to tell.

  6. bumblebot98 has no avatar! bumblebot98 says

    Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP View Post
    Whats wrong with him? I kinda liked his comics....

  7. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Perhaps he can use this opportunity to tell us how the new version of something sucks because it is not like the old version.

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