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Pictures of a new 3rd Party Megatron figure have surfaced on ACtoys. Not to be confused with Hegemon, this new figure is being produced by a new 3rd Party Group called BoldToys. This new figure offers a traditional take on Generation 1 Megatron and the pictures even have a comparison with the original G1 figure. No word yet as far as price or when this product will be available.

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  1. skiss's Avatar skiss says

    Originally Posted by Sammael View Post
    Looks better than Hegemon, but arm poseability will suffer.
    Whaaa? This thing looks like it has the articulation of a bent stick. I know its opinion based and mine is biased. This thing is just not better than hegemon, Just the engineering seems inferior. Will wait for final proto pics before I can give final judgement.

  2. G.I.EDDIE's Avatar G.I.EDDIE says

    i think i like Hegemon better...the BT versions crotch looks like a diaper...

    though if your REALLY want a slightly more G1 look, BT might be for you....personally i prefer the updated looks of Hegemon...

  3. Impactor1106's Avatar Impactor1106 says

    Okay - so this is now the 2nd 3rd party version of Megatron coming out, as far as I know. What I do not understand, why release a version of a figure already announced, why don't they do someone new? How about a Shockwave? I sure some folks are glad to have a choice of which version they want, but I wish there was some other characters offered.

  4. Impactor1106's Avatar Impactor1106 says

    Originally Posted by megatroptimus View Post
    Because Megatron sells?
    and Shockwave wouldn't??? Maybe you are right - just wishful thinking on my part I suppose.

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