Xovergen Trailerforce Vehicle Mode Prototype Images


Planet Iacon on Facebook has shared some further images of the Xovergen Trailerforce unofficial custom armor for Classics Optimus Prime. These new images showcase the prototype in vehicle mode, and also reveal that in true Powermaster style the Trailerforce will come with a small Powermaster / Godmaster partner which can transform into an engine and attach to the front of Classics Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. The Trailerforce is also compatible with the original Powermaster Optimus Prime cab figure.

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  1. aprim's Avatar aprim says

    I don't know, it looks kind of cool but something seems off about it.

  2. ahchu's Avatar ahchu says

    All that matters to me is how it looks like combined in robot mode.

  3. DethPike's Avatar DethPike says

    I'm intrigued but I'll not even TOUCH this until I see a review.

  4. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    Way too overdetailed to go with any of the existing prime molds

  5. NLWprime's Avatar NLWprime says

    wow i never got the powered commander set so now my classics prime can finally get the armor he deserves.

  6. World Prime's Avatar World Prime says

    I'd love to see some bot mode pics, but seeing as I don't have classics Prime I won't be getting this.

    Can we have a screen-accurate movie Prime ring base please? I don't care if it doesn't look perfectly accurate in trailer mode!

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