Masterpiece Sunstorm Revealed


As long suspected, we are now getting our first look at the recolored Masterpiece Starscream Version 2. This one is a Sunstorm themed recolor, complete with flame deco on the intakes. It was shown in a display at Cybertron Con alongside the soon to be released Masterpiece Starscream Version 2. Only pictures (of pictures) available at this stage, but it has been suggested that there might be a look at the actual toy sometime this weekend!

For the moment check out these pictures and enjoy. Originally posted at Seibertron.

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  1. igniz1984's Avatar igniz1984 says

    starscreams paint job still looks rather dull compared to the initial reveal pics. Still on the fence about purchasing him.

  2. NICKBOT's Avatar NICKBOT says

    Originally Posted by StayingInTheBox View Post
    NICE! Looks like I'll be going this route instead of Igears.
    For once.

  3. Deonasis's Avatar Deonasis says

    So Sunstorm is painted with a gradient? The pics show the same effect in both alt and bot mode that his feet are yellowish but upper body is more a sunburnt colour.

  4. Agent-GHQ's Avatar Agent-GHQ says

    Lets see..... then Acid Storm and what's the other storm that these trio had a 5 seconds of fame?

    No new molds until Optimus and Starscream gets another new complete mold, followed by more repaints! This trend is fuckin killin me man!

    3rd party to the rescue

  5. Motor_Master's Avatar Motor_Master says

    Since I have the US MP Starscream with coronation kit, I was never very tempted by MP-10, but both my wife and I want an MP-11.

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