Transformers Prime and Rescue Bots Renewed for 2012-2013 season


Good news everybody! has posted up a list of renewed series for The Hub cable channel. Among those are both Transformers series; Transformers Prime and Transformers Rescue Bots! What kind of goodies will Transformers Prime season 3 throw our way? And what kind of crazy adventures might those loveable Rescue Bots have?

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  1. Strarf's Avatar Strarf says

    I'm more interested to see the return of Duel Masters to be honest.

  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Wait wait wait wait WAIT, they're bringing back DUEL MASTERS? Oh, MERCY! And they're going to produce a new American-made show, not dub an anime? An AMERICAN-MADE card-game-based show? Oh, shit, this will be SO TERRIBLE I will have to watch it.

  3. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Duel Masters? I remember seeing that show when I was in like..grade 5.

  4. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    WAIT A FURTHER MINUTE, I just went to google it a bit, and they still MAKE that show in Japan? Jeez, the things you learn!

    Also, hurray, more Transformers and the like. Totally. But really, Duel Masters? REALLY? I can't believe an American-made show will actually involve characters PLAYING the card game, it'll have to be something that adapts the IDEA of the game into a story. Surely.

    Transformers, yeah.

  5. seekerblackout has no avatar! seekerblackout says

    Originally Posted by WTDylio View Post
    YESSS, MORE Heatwave!!!
    Fixed for accuracy.

  6. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    That's great news! Although I'm not a fan of Rescue Tots, Prime definitely gets my vote.

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