iGear UFO Unofficial Cosmos New Images


iGear have shared some new images of their unofficial Cosmos custom release on their Facebook page. These new images show the figure in both of his modes, and size comparisons with the previous iGear releases Spray and Rager. Check out all the images on iGear’s Facebook gallery.

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Hell yes. Gonna order this directly from the website as soon as it goes up for pre-order. Judging from that person's hand he looks about scoutish size..which is perfect.

  2. masishadow has no avatar! masishadow says

    Really, I get more and more excited about this line everytime they reveal something. Keep it coming iGear!

  3. Omega Supreme's Avatar Omega Supreme says

    Cute, like a Cosmos should be.

    I really like the bubble helmet!

  4. lee9 has no avatar! lee9 says

    Looks pretty good! Spray and Rager impressed me so much, I wanted to get them all! But not a fan of the upsizing and now I'm wary of cost increases.

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