New Images of FT-02 Acoustic Wave


2005 Board member dalianjj stopped by earlier today to show off some new prototype pictures of the upcoming Fans Toys project; FT-02 Acoustic Wave. Acoustic Wave is Unofficial 3rd party figure that is a homage to Generation 1 Soundwave. He is meant to be displayed with Masterpiece scaled figures and can hold G1 Cassette figures.

Check out the exciting new images after the break and then head over to our 3rd Party Discussion forum to discuss!

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  1. entITy's Avatar entITy says

    Looks big enough to play real cassettes thats cool.

    Will this make actual g1 figures less valuable collection wise?

  2. Sy-Rein's Avatar Sy-Rein says

    Well that looks good, on paper/computer screen. Interested in seeing more for sure. Laserbeak also looks good with what looks to be integrates weapons. I look forward to more info and prototype pics.

  3. Agent-GHQ's Avatar Agent-GHQ says

    Its about fuckkin time!

    More cassettes and future repaints of Twincast and Soundblaster and whatever else the mind sets on...

  4. process's Avatar process says

    Looks like is has potential, but sadly no place in my collection.

  5. sodawilly's Avatar sodawilly says

    I remember that being MP sized...... That being the case......Going with my Masterpiece collection! =) This is gorgeous!

    - Gregg

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