Hercules fever continues to grow.Transformers Galaxy – Hong Kong Fans group have updated their Facebook page with some new images of the next offering from 3rd Party group, Dr Wu. DW-PO4A – INVULNERABLE will be the next offering from them and will be a new face for the 3rd Party giant. As opposed to the raging faces currently popping up, this face is more of a stern, serious face. Perfect for the fan who wasn’t completely happy with the face that came with Hercules.

Check out the images after the break!

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  1. masishadow has no avatar! masishadow says

    Kind of makes me think that you've been a very bad kid and Herc is disappointed...he still loves you but you've made him very upset.

  2. Kevin XI's Avatar Kevin XI says

    Isn't that how Herc looks already? Oh, wait, they gave him chin enhancement. Rad.

  3. iron maniac's Avatar iron maniac says

    This whole "the many faces and heads of Hercules" thing is getting out of hand now.

  4. AUTOBOT215 has no avatar! AUTOBOT215 says

    Originally Posted by flamepanther View Post
    I'm still waiting for someone to make a Kevin Sorbo face.
    I suggest using your mom's face, that should scare any Autobot away from battle. lol

  5. Necro Prime's Avatar Necro Prime says

    Not bad. I actually like the glower on his mug more. Especially since I dont much care for the "yelling angry face" that TFC is coming out with.

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