Bot Shots Three Packs Released at US Retail


2005 Boards member Hollywood Hoist rreports finding the two Bot Shots three packs at a Toys R Us in Washington. These two cool three packs include additional characters to build up your Bot Shot collections – on the Decepticon side there is a set of Acid Storm, Megatron and Nemesis Prime, while the Autobots get a booster set of Bumblebee, Sentinel Prime and Prowl!

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  1. Hollywood Hoist's Avatar Hollywood Hoist says

    I saw the 3 packs at TRU, unfortunately they were $14.99. I passed.

  2. Nope's Avatar Nope says

    Eeesh, $14.99. It's nice that they're out and I might get the Acid Storm set for that price, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'll have to wait until Target has them for $5 less.

  3. Spoiler's Avatar Spoiler says

    Considering the figures each go for $4.99, $14.99 isn't exactly a crazy price.

  4. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    Originally Posted by Agent Adam View Post
    Not everyone has a camera phone guys..

    Yeah, that's right. We need to be considerate to our friends stuck in 1995.

  5. SAF7's Avatar SAF7 says

    Cool, these are coming out already? I've already decided to go completist on this line, but I think I'll wait until they arrive at a cheaper store (especially now that we're just around the corner from these things being released at Target and other places).

    If the 3-pack with Prowl is out, though, it's going to be REALLY tough to say no.

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