Video Review Of Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime With Trailer

Dr. Prime of TFW2005 Boards is bringing us the Video Review of Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime with Trailer. Check out the video below.

Optimus Prime has traveled across the universe, and fought alongside many great and noble warriors. Throughout it all, he has relied on his own private arsenal. It is a collection of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Built up over centuries, it has seen him through some of the most dangerous and devastating battles in the history of the cosmos.

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  1. Dr. Prime's Avatar Dr. Prime says

    I don't know, but I will try later today when I get home and let you know.

  2. TrueNomadSkies's Avatar TrueNomadSkies says

    Well, I'll probably wait for a sale if I do, but that trailer is shinier than I thought, and the way it opens could make for a nice backdrop when shown from the outside. Like, I still wish the deluxe prime was as nicely detailed as the single pack ones (especially in the wheels being painted because the alt mode is basically the selling point here), but its definitely not as bad as I thought initially, and it might be worth getting on sale like you said. If nothing else, it might be a nice trailer to use on the RID Voyager Prime, especially since I think that one looks really great in alt mode, and maybe even on the RTS deluxe.

    ... copypasta ftw!

  3. Rogzilla's Avatar Rogzilla says

    I double the sentiments of everyone else. I think the trailer looks good and, if it fits on the PRID Prime, then I'm definitely getting him. I want to take all the weapons that don't have a hidden place in vehicle mode and drop them in the trailer when I put the figures in vehicle mode.

  4. TrueNomadSkies's Avatar TrueNomadSkies says

    Well honestly, even if the pegs don't match up, you can always fix that yourself. I guess I could've mentioned the FE voyager too, but I like that one better in robot mode while I like the RID in alt mode, so yeah.

  5. World Prime's Avatar World Prime says

    Thanks for the review! Although I prefer the paint on the walmart version of the Optimus, I do like the darker grey plastic on this one. I hope my TRU gets this soon.

    A couple comments though: The trailer is not really out of proportion. If you've ever seen the real thing (or just seen screenshots from the movie) you will notice that the trailer is actually quite long. If anything, the trailer could even be a tiny bit longer and still be OK (and it wouldn't hurt if it could transform into the base they showed us in the movie )

    Also, movie Optimus' trailer does NOT have the blue stripe down the side, so that is also accurate on this toy. What he SHOULD have is painted rims, but I plan to use my walmart deluxe version with the trailer anyway

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