WTF@TFW Episode 186 is Now Online


Join a belated Toy Fair 2012 pre-show with Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus as they ride the rollercoaster of security, combiners, and press releases.

You can download and comment on it here: WTF @ TFW – Episode 186

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  1. Vangelus's Avatar Vangelus says

    WTF @ TFW - 186 - February 9 2012

    Join a belated Toy Fair 2012 pre-show with Vangelus, Aaron, and Omegus as they ride the rollercoaster of security, combiners, and press releases.

    00:00:00 - Opening
    00:00:20 - Intro
    00:02:01 - TF Fandom Credit Card Concerns

    00:11:16 - Fall of Cybertron Bruticus
    00:51:37 - New Pic Picks
    01:05:21 - Hasbro says "Hey, about those First Editions"
    01:15:18 - Confiscate My Heart
    01:16:27 - Listener Question from Universe265
    01:19:33 - Listener Question from tubbsii
    01:27:57 - Intermission
    01:28:43 - What We Got This Week
    02:56:33 - What Vinyl Vehicular Goodness We Got This Week
    03:22:52 - Amazing News from Botcon on Twitter!
    03:24:37 - Ending and Outro

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  2. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    can't wait to listen, and THREAD TITLE WRONG


  3. Chosen's Avatar Chosen says

    I don't give a crap what he does with the thread title, if it means turnaround this fast more often.

  4. phoenix88 has no avatar! phoenix88 says

    dude. thats a meaty WWGTW, awesome. downloading the episode now. i look forward to hearin your guys' thoughts on FoC bruticus.

  5. Hursticon's Avatar Hursticon says

    Awesome! , this is exactly what I need right now after just getting majorly boned with postage charges for packages I've just sent out to people; I feel your pain Omegas.

  6. T16skyhopp's Avatar T16skyhopp says

    The business is never Hasbro telling retailers what to do. Sometimes Hasbro can sneak something by them.

    At least there is a better chance for FE to come out because TF: Prime is continuing. FE can be repacked into the mainline. Getting more animated out at retail post cartoon was near impossible. We're lucky we got Arcee, Ratchet, Ironhide and Rodimus from TRU. Asking them to take on the voyager figures just couldn't happen.

  7. Ektris's Avatar Ektris says

    Yep, Vortex is ruined forever for me. Thanks guys. XD

    Also, this 3 hour deal is gonna ruin my bandwidth allowance for the week... But still think I picked a good podcast to start with.

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