Transformers Kre-O 2012 Official Images


Hasbro has sent us over the official images for some of their 2012 Kre-O releases! The official photography herein shows off the following upcoming releases:

  • Kre-O Devastator
  • Kre-O Optimus Prime Vs Megatron Battle for Energon
  • Kre-O Stealth Bumblebee
  • Kre-O Vortex
  • Kre-O Kreon Battle Pack Cliffjumper VS Vehicons Decepticon Ambush

Read on and check them all out!

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  1. SouthtownKid's Avatar SouthtownKid says

    Hmmm... none of the Kre-O sets look as nice as the ones that are already out.

  2. samtastic has no avatar! samtastic says

    Devastator looks very nice. Wonder if it's worth the $$$$$$$

    Wish I could get the Kreons easier...

  3. StarYoshi14's Avatar StarYoshi14 says

    Why is Knock Out an Autobot when he is clearly based off his Prime design...?

  4. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    I am into the Kreo line, but I think I am gonna start waiting for steep sales or deep clearances on these. Just not as excited as I was about them as I was for the original run.

  5. Sideswipe1954's Avatar Sideswipe1954 says

    So Ironhide is coming with the Devastator set?!?

    Also, is Vortex a TF Prime set, or something else all together?

    And are those Cybertronian Troop builder sets I see with Cycle Chase and Decepticon Ambush?!? Who are those characters?

  6. Nope's Avatar Nope says


    My my, they look amazing. I don't like Devastator's colors, though. In brick form, the colors clash horribly. Wheeljack/Knock Out set looks fun, as does the Bumblebee set and Vortex (but his colors are craaazy).

    Interesting that they're doing like actual sets instead of just "Prowl" or "Ratchet".

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