Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Toys First Pictures


TFW2005 is bringing you live pictures from the Toy Fair 2012 show floor, and here now for your enjoyment we have something you’ve all been waiting for – the first looks at the new Generations Fall of Cybertron Toys! Check out these images of Optimus Prime, Shockwave, Autobot Jazz and Combiner Bruticus (with a very purple looking Blastoff). They look awesome!

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  1. Super_Megatron's Avatar Super_Megatron says

    I agree, Shockwave looks like he would make a good addition to our Classics collections.

  2. soymonk's Avatar soymonk says

    I suprsingly unimpressed with the FoC Jazz figure. I don't really like the updated look for Prime in FoC so that's a pass for me as well.

    That Shockwave though... it shall be mine!

  3. Optimus1138's Avatar Optimus1138 says

    Shockwave looks like he'll be a perfect Classics Shockwave. I can't tell exactly what that vehicle mode is (looks like some kind of gunship or hovertank), but whatever it is, I like it. Optimus doesn't look all that good, but I wasn't going to get him anyway. Bruticus's colors don't look very good, but hopefully they'll look better in higher quality pictures. Jazz looks awesome. I hadn't been planning on getting him, but I might, or at least get a repaint of him.

  4. AutoCon2076's Avatar AutoCon2076 says

    Sadly Bruticus looks pathetic in that picture. I certainly hope it's just a bad camera angle. Optimus looks too much like a brick for me to buy, but Jazz & Shockwave will be welcome additions. I wonder if WFC Barricade will get a figure this time around...


  5. AutoBobby's Avatar AutoBobby says

    Shockwave looks awesome.

    I wish the shot of Bruticus was more of a straight on look.He looks like a hunchback in that shot.

    Looking at that Prime in the package,either the packaging is bigger,or the figures have gotten even smaller.

  6. metaphorge's Avatar metaphorge says

    I'm assuming that Bruticus contains some proto parts. Neon colors for Brawl and Swindle?

  7. Rexidus's Avatar Rexidus says

    Optimus: Definitely going to buy one just to repaint him as Ultra Magnus. He looks fantastic for Magnus.

    Bruticus: ... Are.. Are they trying to make this thing look as bad as possible?

    Jazz: Oh you sexy sexy beast...


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