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We’re back with more images from Toy Fair 2012! For your enjoyment here now we have a look at the Transformers Prime toys on display! On show were Cyberverse Legion Wave 1 and 2 including a look at Cyberverse Legion Class Breakdown, Evac[/b] (vehicle only), Mirage and Breakdown. Deluxe Class Arcee, Knockout, Vehicon[/b] (vehicle only) and Hot Shot were also on display. The gigantic Optimus Maximus base playset was also on show, with a look at what is potentially its base mode – it’s very much a homage to Star Convoy!

Also revealed here is a Transformers Prime game for the Wii, and a couple of cool Transformers Prime skateboards!

Saving the best for last, we also have our first look at Voyager Powerizers Bulkhead and Starscream – read on and check them all out!

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Bulkhead looks like crap. Knock Out also looks like crap. Starscream looks okay.

  2. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Those Powerizer weapons on Starscream and Bulkhead look horrible; seems like that's going to be a trend with that size class.
    I actually like how Knock Out looks; him and Vehicon are likely the only (non-Cyberverse) Prime toys from this lineup that I'll be getting.

  3. ezim93's Avatar ezim93 says

    Bulkhead looks so blah. I'd get the first edition but I am not made of money so I probably will have no choice but to get the RiD version so I can complete Team Prime.

  4. Heavynova's Avatar Heavynova says

    They REALLY couldn't give Knockout some gold on his wheels?
    Hasbro, you guys have really dropped the ball lately on most of your offerings.

  5. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    ugh deluxe knockout looks aweful. had such high hopes for him. no yellow wheels but the rc has yellow wheels? what the hell.

    voyager ss looks poorly mistransformed and bh doesnt look too bad. but those weapons really make them look stupid, i hate these large weapons.

    i see the vehicon but no bot vehicon?

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