Full FoC Bruticus Toy Revealed


Thanks to TFW2005 board member Keith Prime, we now have a full (yet small, and hopefully mistransformed) picture of the upcoming Fall of Cybertron Bruticus toy. Eagled-eyed readers will also be able to see the tiny shots of Blast-Off in robot and vehicle modes.

Stay tuned to TFW2005 this week as we continue the Pre-Toy Fair coverage leading up to the event this weekend.

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  1. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Was just about to post this.

    Looks to me like Onslaught compromises the most. I want to see better pics of him though.

  2. Shadow25's Avatar Shadow25 says

    They definitely captured his general look, and while he's far from perfect (hopefully the guns can be placed further back to fill out the back of the alt mode), it's obvious that sacrifices have to be made for a combiner. All three figures we've seen so far have been above-average, so that's all I can ask.

  3. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    That vehicle mode is pretty hilarious, unless that gun moves back to fill it out or something. The robot mode, while not accurate, looks pretty nice in it's own right, especially for a combiner.

    EDIT: Holy crap! This means Bruticus can have little arms coming out of his chest! Yay!

  4. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    yeah clearly you can see how he combines etc but I will say this his truck mode is boss

  5. Neo Vox's Avatar Neo Vox says

    Originally Posted by General Tekno View Post
    Was just about to post this.

    Looks to me like Onslaught compromises the most. I want to see better pics of him though.
    Yeah, I would like to see a full body shot!

  6. Sinnertwin has no avatar! Sinnertwin says

    He definitely takes a hit in accuracy for the sake of combination, but he still looks like a cool toy in his own right.

  7. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    This is it, the turning point, this is where opinion changes from it being Gods gift to man to an embarrassing pile of crap that could have been done better by a 3rd party...

    Personally I'm not surprised that Onslaught looks a little messy, his vehicle mode was quite arbitrary to begin with and he has to do rather a lot.

  8. Tiller's Avatar Tiller says

    Yeah being the torso means he's got the short end of the stick. That vehicle mode looks puny and the bot mode is weaker. That Torso looks really good though. I imagined it would be like that though. I will await a clear view of everything together before passing full judgement. He could be mistransformed or in an awkward position too.

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