Generations/Fall of Cybertron Wave 1 Confirmed


Thanks to UK retailer Toyz and Gamez, we also have confirmation on the first wave of the new Generations that’ll be out sometime in May according to their listings. The first wave is composed of Fall of Cybertron Jazz, Fall of Cybertron Shockwave, and Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime.

Will we see these toys at the upcoming Toy Fair 2012 event next weekend? Stay tuned to TFW2005, as we’ll have coverage from the event bringing you news as it happens.

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  1. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    If somebody beat me to it, please delete.

    There's no images at the moment, but online store Toyz & Gamez has put up a pre-order for FOC deluxe wave 1, including Shockwave, Jazz (who we knew was coming) and (the inevitable) Optimus Prime!

    Here's a link to the pre-order: Action Figures from Around The World! Customer Login Toyz And Gamez

    EDIT: Kapow Toys have now also got the pre-orders available: (, and have confirmed that this wave is due in MAY

  2. Sharktibolt's Avatar Sharktibolt says

    They also have a page for Jazz and Optimus Prime. Jazz we knew about from the UK Toy Fair, but although it isn't surprising the Optimus listing is the first sign of there being one, I think.

    Excited for all of them.

  3. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    And 3rd party groups around the world just cried as there will now be an official Shockwave for our Classics shelf.

    In other news, wallets around the world rejoice.

    I don't mind Shockwave as a deluxe because his form allows his to be tall in bot mode. As a deluxe I hope he has the mass shifting ability of Animated Lockdown or FE Bulkhead.

  4. Sepultron has no avatar! Sepultron says

    Shame they're just Deluxes, not that I expected anything more.

  5. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says


    This makes up for the lack of FE toys..

    Confirm a Grimlock, and I will forgive them for Beast Machines..

  6. Angelwave's Avatar Angelwave says

    I figured he would be part of the line up but "hell yeah" to this confirmation.

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