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Igear has updated their website store with a listing for another 3rd Party Group’s figure. MGT-06 Shadow Assassin is a faithful representation of the popular Generation 1 cartoon episode “Enter The Nightbird”. The figure comes with real metal weapons and is shown in the package on this listing. The figure sells for $99.00 on Igear’s website.

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  1. odeean's Avatar odeean says

    $100 for a non transforming toy is asking a bit much, especially since I have another version of this character. I do like it though.

  2. Stormcrow has no avatar! Stormcrow says

    Looks pretty cool.

    Of course by "pretty cool", I mean "$20-$30 cool".

    Not anywhere close to "$99 cool".

  3. TheTFReview's Avatar TheTFReview says

    I call this Igear play. The Poke and Hope. It won't sell because A. It's ugly. B. It's over-priced. C. It's a non-transforming toy at a premium price. D. It's got a "sexy" picture of the character, unlike the other fembots, when was Nightbird ever really sexy? I don't know. Maybe if they had the standard premium action figure price at $40 dollars, this figure would sell great. But I cannot see that happening. Sad

  4. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    Doomed for ultra clearance. That's not an iGear toy btw, they're just reselling it.

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