X-Transbots Leader Class Movie Blackout


3rd Party Group, X-Transbots, has stepped up to answer the call many movie fans have been making since 2007. A new set of images has popped up over on Weibo (login required) of a Leader Blackout with Scorponok figure.

No release date yet, but as additional information rolls in we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, click on the title bar to see the images and begin drooling.

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  1. supervir2's Avatar supervir2 says

    That....actually looks half decent. I'm not into movie toys, but I'll keep an eye on their progress. Given the sketchy QC on Powerglide, I'm a bit leery though

  2. Cast's Avatar Cast says

    Its not for me but good on them for giving movie fans something they've been calling for forever.

  3. skiss's Avatar skiss says

    I'm not a movies fan and will not buy this but I think its awesome their making this. Hopefully it has enough demand to pay for their investment costs.

  4. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    There might be a problem in sales, considering that most older people willing to import overseas imports for pay 3rd party prices are G1-leaning. Sure a Leader Blackout would sell well to the kiddies if it was in Toys R Us for $60, but importing it overseas from a third party at what it's likely to sell for? Maybe not so many people would want it.

  5. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Man, I thought for a second we'd get a 3rd party G1 Scorponok... I need to lower my expectations before clicking a thread.

  6. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Just goes to show what the collectors want - G1. People would be much happier if this was a Headmaster citybot who turned into a scorpion (Scorponok) and a Micromaster jet (Blackout).

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