Transformers Prime First Editions Officially Canceled for the US


Bad news reaches us from our sponsors, Big Bad Toy Store and TFSource. The Transformers Prime First Edition toy line, which contains amongst others a very sharp screen accurate Optimus Prime and Bulkhead, plus Cliffjumper with show-accurate arm cannons, have been officially canceled for US distribution. A very small few made it to Toys R Us, along with a partial release of the line in Asia and Canada. Although it was always intended to be a limited run line, it looks now like that many preorders may simply not be filled.

Earlier today, Big Bad Toy Store began sending out the following email:

We apologize that we have learned that Hasbro has canceled these [Transformers Prime First Edition] figures. We will be listing new TF Prime preorders on Wednesday 2/1. Some of these may convert to new listings and some will be canceled. We will email you with updates between now and Wednesday.

TFSource also posted the following on Twitter and Facebook:

Unfortunately we have some bad news, we didn’t want to call it until Hasbro confirmed, but the rest of the Transformers Prime First Edition series figures will not hit the US. New Prime preorders will be up next week, if you already have placed an order you can opt to convert to the new product (RID) or cancel your order if you no longer want the RID piece. Once we have more news and the new preorders up next week we’ll reach out directly to all customers that preordered.

Unfortunately it seems likely that the line will at this point never see a full, mainstream US release. However, hope is not completely lost – this may be like previous occasions where items that seemed to be canceled eventually turned up in discount stores such as Ross, as was the case with the Reveal the Shield Voyager assortment, Power Core Combiners or Windcharger.

We live in the hope.

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  1. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Found this over on the Allspark - they inquired re: the availability of the First Edition toys to Hasbro.

    Many fans probably have noticed the lack of Transformers Prime First Edition toys at Toys R Us stores. The sent an inquiry about this and here is the answer we received:
    Prime First Edition was a limited release. Toys R Us stores in each market chose from a variety of assortments available to tease the launch of the 2012 Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Line.

    The main line of Robots in Disguise is the new Prime line for 2012. There are no plans at this time for additional Prime First Edition figures, but if there is a demand for them, we may look at it again in the future.
    The Allspark: Transformers News Movie Comics Animated - Official Word on Transformers Prime First Edition

  2. G1Wheeljack's Avatar G1Wheeljack says

    I'm hoping we can get a much less corporate answer/explanation at Toy Fair or Botcon. Still, this is very disappointing

  3. Robogeek28's Avatar Robogeek28 says

    I'd already mentioned it in the U.S release thread awhile ago but I guess it got missed in there.

  4. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Meh. BBTS said as much weeks ago and got panned for it. It's not the BIGGEST surprise that "First Edition" actually meant that. I'm not thrilled that it's so hard to get a Voyager that doesn't light up, but it's certainly doable.

  5. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Damn, I just heard the price for Bulkhead skyrocket.

    I'm glad that I was fortunate enough to find these guys at retail but I am worried about Zombie CJ amd Vehicon. I have seen NO Hasbro releases of these guys. I hope TRU went as far as getting FE wave 2.5 to hold them over until the official March release of RID.

  6. Dr. Prime's Avatar Dr. Prime says

    I still would take this with a grain of salt. Hasbro may have shipped these to retailers weeks ago and they may still be sitting in central distribution warehouses. As far as Hasbro is concerned at this point, they are telling the truth in that "they are not releasing more" but that doesn't mean that some might still hit the shelves. I'm going to give it a bit more time.

  7. Secretcode's Avatar Secretcode says

    To be fair, that's the same generic stock answer they've been giving out since we knew the line was TRU only.

  8. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    Clearly, Hasbro has manufactured more than made it to retail. Nothing was released in the US outside of 2-3 cases of wave one per each TRU store. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned up at Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx later in the year.

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