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We have yet another Japanese Transformers release shared with us from the new TakaraTomy United line. This time we have in-hand photos of the United Megatron decorated in the Hero Megatron from Generation 2 colors! We get to see comparison photos with the Classics Ultimate Battle Megatron as well as United G2 Optimus Prime duking it out with Megs! You can view the gallery of images mirrored here after the jump!

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  1. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Good morning from Japan.Approximately six times of small earthquakes are generated this morning in Japan.I obtained UNITED toy in local Toys "R" Us.
    I obtain four items except TANK MEGATRON(G2 Ver.).
    I think it to be positive WAVE4 with a toy of UNITED which a new work left after an interval of one year.

    A seal meaning amount-limited is attached in a package.
    I can ask a seal about there being little number of the circulation of the toy.

  2. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says



    Strength 10
    Intelligence 10
    Speed 9
    Endurance 10
    Rank 10
    Courage 10
    Firepower 7
    Skill 10
    Total 76

  3. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Rodimus looks neat. And I needa find someone selling Wipe-Out separately. He's the only one I want from that two pack.

  4. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    RODIMUSPRIME is the toy which reused a die of HOTROD for classical music.
    TOMY changed HOTROD into RODIMUSPRIME by largely changing overall coloring.

    The bonnet of the body of the toy arranged it in a G1RODIMES style.

    It is a book to imitate the design of the trailer of G1RODIMUS, and the design of the body side becomes clear.

  5. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Nice thanks for the photos I would like to see some more of Warpath.

  6. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    I really like that Rodimus, and have it preordered. Hope that they fixed the problem with the shoulder joints.

  7. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    TOMY repaired an engine part of HOTROD. This projection can be equipped with UNITED TARGETMASTERS(the toy cannot be equipped with all TARGETMASTERS).

  8. Gilgamesh's Avatar Gilgamesh says

    Uh, aren't those different shades of red on Roddy a bit... strange? Or is that accurate to something?

  9. turboedguy's Avatar turboedguy says

    Wow, the roof and front headlight areas on Rodimus sure look off color wise. I have him preordered, and will be getting him, but I was hoping for a better color match. Little disappointed.

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