Transformers Prime Season 2 Episode 1 Title and Description


Website Zap2it has updated with information regarding the season premier of Transformers Prime. Set to air February 18th on the Hub, the first episode of Transformers Prime Season 2 will be called “Orion Pax part 1“. A description from the website is as follows;

Megatron manipulates the impaired Optimus into joining the Decepticons.”

Excited for the return of your favorite Robots in Disguise to Television? Transformers Prime returns on February 18th at 8:30pm EST on the Hub. Also that day will be the return of the Rescue Bots at Noon EST and the premier of the animated movie from 1986 directly after the three part Transformers Prime premier!

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  1. antimony29 has no avatar! antimony29 says

    Zap2It has updated their page with the new title for the first episode of season 2.

    Transformers Prime Episode Guide - Zap2it

    It's called:

    Orion Pax - Part 1

    Megatron manipulates the impaired Optimus into joining the Decepticons.

    And it airs on the aforementioned 2/18/12 date.

  2. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Finally, a thread like this that DOESN'T involve wikipedia or imdb...

    Anyways, it's nice to know that the season will begin with a multi-parter, though hopefully this one isn't more than three episodes. Should be interesting to see what all happens in this season.

  3. Secretcode's Avatar Secretcode says

    Zap2It is a TV listings website that hardly gets stuff wrong. Odds are that it's true.

  4. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    Boy am I VERY GLAD we got a episode name that ISN'T from freaking IMDB this time.

  5. TylerMirage's Avatar TylerMirage says

    Good find, antimony29!

    I saw the thread title and was this close to opening up a can of "quote and bold and increase size" is I saw "Wikipedia" or "IMDB".

    I'm going to guess that the episode (as dictated by the synopsis) revolves around Megatron basically informing Orion of the events that have transpired, but twisting and skewing them, trying to make the "decision" easier for Orion. You know, "The evil Autobots destroyed Cybertron. They left us kind and merciful Decepticons for dead, to fend for ourselves. They exiled us good and faithful Decepticons from the planet and those large, scary and violent Autobots hunt us for sport."

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