Transformers Prime Bumblebee Ion Blaster Found at US Retail


The hunt is on! 2005 Board member Optimus Prowl has reported finding a new Transformers Prime Role Play item at his local Toys R Us. This time around, it’s the Bumblebee Ion Blaster! The Ion Blaster transformers from cannon into a blaster! Weapons in disguise!

Take a look at the image after the break. Find new toys in your area? Be sure to post them in our sightings forum!

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  1. Optimus_Prowl's Avatar Optimus_Prowl says

    Is this news or has this been sighted in here in the states namely california.

  2. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says

    It's news to me!!

    Cool, nice to see something from the TFPrime toyline..figures it would be a Bee Cannon/Blaster.

    Question: Does this stuff get a "First Edition" release as well??...thought that would only apply to the figures. Interesting.

  3. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Agreed...looks new! And may represent just about the only new thing the states has seen in weeks. Grumble, grumble...US gets shafted while Canada and UK get new stuff....grumble, mumble...

  4. Optimus_Prowl's Avatar Optimus_Prowl says

    You guys think I should go back and get it? They had like three haha

  5. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Originally Posted by Optimus_Prowl View Post
    You guys think I should go back and get it? They had like three haha
    BAH...I'd pass. Not into the role playing weaponry myself, but your mileage may vary.

  6. Optimus_Prowl's Avatar Optimus_Prowl says

    Haha ok I wont worry about getting the first review then. Also this was at a toys r us

  7. blackout501st's Avatar blackout501st says

    Pretty cool for thous who like the role play stuff. But man.. I really hope the voyagers, entertainment pack, and cliffjumper show up in the US before the main RID line release. This drought is absolutely killing me.

  8. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    I never picked this up with the first movie line, but I might this time around. It seems to fit better with the Prime line anyways. PEW PEW!

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