Pictorial Review of TFC Toys Madblender and Hercules


2005 Board member pingth has recieved the final figure from TFC Toys Hercules set, Madblender. Along with some gorgeous shots of Madblender in robot and vehicle mode, pingth has provided us with some photos of the big bad we’ve all been waiting for, HERCULES!

It’s been a long road for fans of this project from the first test shots of Exgraver in arm mode to the pictuers attached to this news post. TFW’s attempt at wrangling all of the rapidly incoming news from this project resulted in one thread, The TFC Hercules Megathread. As of this moment, The Mega Thread has been viewed 604,499 times!

Enjoy the pictures here by clicking the title bar and be sure to check back over the next week as more fans will be completing this giant. So be sure to check out all of the incoming pictures from this project on the 2005 Boards!

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  1. pingth's Avatar pingth says

    These are the four views of the Madblender's (Mixmaster) robot mode:

    Basically the figure is very posable with good stability. The light piping on the head is poor due to its transformation with the back piece directly peg behind its head (ie something like Dr Crank/Hook). There are lots of ports for you to choose to insert the mix drum lasers/canons at the positions you so wish. I insert them at the positions I think I like best and here are some pictures in different poses:

    And four view of its vehicle mode:

    Basically the vehicle does look like a construction mixing truck, not too impressed with the front or vehicle head but I guess it is designed that way so that it will become a stable foot for Devy in combined mode. Here are more pics of the truck mode (with and without weapons attached):

    And then finally, what everyone (or at least most) is looking forward to:

    Now I am just waiting for Reprolabels......

  2. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    He might be my favorite member of the group. I dig the clean alt mode... and the fact that he completes Hercules.

  3. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Nice, looks like my set will have to wait until after the new year.

  4. tb-1599's Avatar tb-1599 says

    so now that all the figures are out does anybody know what the "secret" is surrounding Herc?? Unless its already been figured out and I just missed it completley.

  5. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Alt mode looks great, but that's easily my least favorite looking bot mode of the bunch. I think virtually all of them could have done well with slightly smaller heads.

    But Herc... wow. Nice to see it completed. Possibly the most epic figure(s) in the past couple of years.

  6. Omega_Sentinel's Avatar Omega_Sentinel says

    I have the first 4.
    I REALLY hope you don't have to have his legs at such a wide stance.
    I would hate to pose him doing the splits all the time.

  7. Yobuster has no avatar! Yobuster says

    Wow it looks awesome! I can't wait. so is the stability pretty good with all strong joint connections?

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