Official Images of Upcoming Transformers United Figures


TakaraTomy has updated their website with new official pictures of upcoming Transformers United figures. Among the pictures are:

Will you be importing any of these? Sound off in the discussion thread!

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  1. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Unless you're a die hard roddy fan, Henkei version seems a lot more interesting.

  2. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    I wonder what this would look like in the FP Protector Armor?

  3. DPrime's Avatar DPrime says

    Looks nice, but geez... give this mold a rest already.

    Or at least a new headsculpt and hands or something.

  4. GrimlockAutobot's Avatar GrimlockAutobot says

    Can someone please mirror the images?

    I can't view that website at work.

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