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If you’re like this news poster, maybe you haven’t shipped your pile of TFC Toys Not-Constructicons Hercules figures yet. Or maybe, you’re still on the fence about owning these figures. Well thanks to 2005 Board members like dkreed7 we now have a good look at what to expect from the newest offering from 3rd Party Group TFC Toys, Dr. Crank. Yes, this figure based on Generation 1 Constructicon Hook has been released and this excellent review gives you an excellent look at the figure.

Take a look at all the images which include pictures of Hercules combined with four out of six of the members. Dkreed7 has also provided comparison shots next to several different Transformer items. Click the title bar to check out these pictures and share your thoughts in the feedback thread.

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  1. dkr7's Avatar dkr7 says

    Dr.Crank - one of the better figures so far, quality control seems really good on this figure with everything feeling solid and durable. Paint apps are decent with only one or two not lining up perfectly. Robot mode looks very good although for me the back looks a tad cluttered, but articulation is great and the figure can hold poses very well. Vehicle mode is really fun and the crane is massive to say the least. Haven't wired the crane up yet but will be doing that soon. Combined mode connects very solidly and looks.....well, Awesome!

    Only flaw i have noticed is HL's cab doesnt connect very well but not a big deal. Out of the ones i have i'd rank them:
    1. Structor 2. Exgraver 3. Dr.Crank 4. Heavylabor

    I will try to fill picture requests if i can

    Vehicle Mode:

    Robot Mode:

    Combined Mode:

    For scale -

    For Fun:

  2. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    Man that is gorgeous. Thanks for all of these photos and great review

  3. rego0012 has no avatar! rego0012 says

    the left arm will not stay on with mine. when you turn it it pops off the swivel =[

  4. OptionZero's Avatar OptionZero says

    In combined mode he scales pretty well with perfect effect and classics figures, but i still think the individual bot modes are a bit too tall

    oh well, he still looks badass as Devastator

  5. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Did you figure out how to configure the gun based on any sort of instructions that come with Dr. Cru(a)nk, or just do it based on what seemed logical based on the pieces provided already? I'm guessing the later will be the case, but hoping for the former!

  6. dkr7's Avatar dkr7 says

    Originally Posted by rattraprules98 View Post
    Has anyone tried putting string on the crane yet?
    yeah, it's hard to keep it lined up as when there's slack in the line it comes off the pulleys and gets tangled, i'm kinda waiting to see if someone comes up with a solution before i attempt it again

  7. darthsutius's Avatar darthsutius says

    I'd love to see more pictures of these guys alongside other classics figures (Seekers, Autobot Cars like Prowl/Jazz etc). The thing holding me back from getting these is that the Bot modes seem a little too big to fit in with the other classics comfortably.

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