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We’ve got a new Transformers Generations Gallery for you now. This time out, we’re giving some love and attention to the other new release in the current Generations assortment, Sky Shadow. Sky Shadow is an awesome little toy – very sharp in black and red, with enough remolded parts to make him a unique robot all of his own. He’s also a homage to the original 1989 Transformers Victory Black Shadow, himself a Thunderwing remold – as the original was exclusive to Japan, this new toy marks the first time this particular character has ever been released outside of Japan.

Click on the link below to check out his gallery:

TFW Generations Sky Shadow Gallery

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Another new Generations toy gallery for you guys, this time by yours truly!

    TFW Generations Sky Shadow Gallery

    For those not familiar with this guy - Thunderwing was never released in Japan in the 80s, like a lot of the later Pretender toys. His toy was remolded though to make a Japan only "Crossformer" named Black Shadow, for Transformers Victory.

    It's a dream come true that Hasbro should celebrate that fact with this toy - it's the closest I'm ever getting to the "real" Black Shadow!

    Ironically the lack of inner robot doesn't matter so much here - you could even argue it's more show accurate since in his one episode appearance in Victory, you never actually saw the inner robot!

    Anyhow, enough from me, check out and enjoy the gallery.

    Generations Sky Shadow - Click me!

    Generations Sky Shadow Robot Mode

    Generations Sky Shadow Jet Mode

    Generations Sky Shadow with Botcon 2009 Leozak

  2. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    I can't think of a better example of how a new head and deco makes me do a 180 on a toy.

  3. G.B. Blackrock's Avatar G.B. Blackrock says

    Originally Posted by miscreant View Post
    I can't think of a better example of how a new head and deco makes me do a 180 on a toy.
    I have to agree. While I enjoyed Thunderwing at the time, when I look at Thunderwing alongside Sky Shadow, I really feel like Thunderwing has a pretty pathetic excuse for a head.

  4. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Hasbro should do these 'exclusive Japan-only' centric characters more often. I know they'd get my money every time!

  5. NexMortuus's Avatar NexMortuus says

    you know what i just noticed. Sky shadows head resembles that of astrotrains. did hasbro re tooled the head would not be surprised but still great execution

  6. bsutton1's Avatar bsutton1 says

    I got him last weekend. However, their was a bad paint job on part of his chest.
    Some of it was white. I'm replacing him soon as I find another one.

  7. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    I just opened Black Shadow today too. I decided he has a crush on Nightbird. Got a problem with that?

    Blackie loves Nightie. Mafia and Yakuza.

    There's a new sheriff in town, and he's looking to take down the space mafia!

    I'm taking you in!

    Ninja ATTACK!

    Um, thanks honey...

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