Transformers Prime Voyagers Released in Canada


And now for another Transformers Prime toy sighting! Our friends in Canada ought to start keeping their eyes open when they visit Toys R Us – the ultra-cool Transformers Prime Voyagers have started hitting TRUs in Canada according to the latest news from Cybertron.CA! This first Voyager assortment features the excellent Bulkhead – seriously, he’s a fantastic toy – and one of the best Voyager Class Optimus Prime toys ever made, in this writer’s opinion. Matrix holder of Cybertron.CA made the first sighting in a TRU in Ontario. Let’s hope they make it to the US soon as well!

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  1. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    Hawt diggity dawg.

    Canada is on a roll!!!!!!!

    I hope these show in Ottawa in the next 15 days.

  2. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says

    Next week is the week! I'm predicting them to all be out by Wednesday, or at least Cliffjumper.

    Also, anyone know if the box the Cliffjumper wave is released in says W1.5 or just W2?

  3. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    Here's hoping they start appearing in USA stores and on Amazon!

  4. AutoBobby's Avatar AutoBobby says

    Still looking for the first wave of the Prime Deluxes here.My local TRU stores suck so bad.

  5. Axelle's Avatar Axelle says

    Awesometastic! Wish I lived in Canada... Here's hoping they start showing up in the US along with Cliff and the Entertainment next week!

  6. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    Canada seems to be the place to get toys early these time of year! Well, I hope they show up in America soon. They're cutting it pretty close to Christmas, you'd think these would've been out by October as originally planned so they could maximize sales. Plus, they're freaking amazing toys and I want some of my own.

  7. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    I'm SO looking foward to getting Optimus and Bulkhead when they come out sooner or later.

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